2017 New Aussie Skydiving Record

2017 New Aussie Skydiving Record

Skye Kalms, Sandy Nieuwenhoven, Angelique Rootman, and Allan Gray from our drop zone travelled to Moruya in NSW to commence an intense week of Large Formation Skydive training led by infamous US coach and mentor, Doug Forth. The first three days was broken into six groups of jumpers all taking their turns to complete smaller formations and the last three days culminated in the selection of the top 64 people broken into two groups to attempt a three point 32 way formation. The jumps consisted of 32 people linking up in a formation, and then breaking that formation to form a second and a third formation before break off. Sandy and Allan were lucky enough to have been able to get on the successful jumps. These records were all ratified by our National judges and now go into the record books as the largest 3 point formation by Australians. Congratulations to all involved....yeehaa!

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I had an amazing time in my 1st jump.

» Leigh Bennett