State Parachuting Championships

State Parachuting Championships

Congratulations to our awesome jumpers for bringing home the medals at the recent State Parachuting Championships.

Competing teams from Lower Light were:

4 way Formation skydiving;

"Beaner and the three Gringo's" consisting of Paul Newbery, Yuma Sandoval, Charl Rootman and Skye Kalms.

"Relative disparity" consisting of Sandy Nieuwenhoven, Skye Kalms, Kate Furness and Sascha Menzel.

Canopy Formation (CReW);

Tomasso Watson and Martin Letch

Sports/Classic Accuracy;

Keith Perrot

The Beaners couldn't finish their minimum number of rounds due to technical issues so were unfortunately not able to claim a position on the podium.

Relative disparity did a fantastic job and came home with a Silver Medal each and Keith was unusually unlucky to get the bronze.

The CReW dogs Marty and Tomasso were outstanding to get the Gold medal for crashing into each other many times.

Well done to all concerned.