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Adelaide Skydiving offers first class tandem skydiving experiences at a competitive price and now run Tandems from 15,000 feet which is the highest in Australia. Safety is our most important priority. Our highly experienced skydiving staff have been trained to ensure you feel safe, confident and prepared to experience the greatest experience life has to offer short of going to the moon!

Our skydiving prices are designed for multiple budgets. Select the altitude you wish to jump from and book your skydive online today. Skydiving Adelaide has never been more easy! Pay in full online and save another $10 per booking.

Tandem Pricing

Jump without the pressure of taking our 9 hour learn to skydive (AFF) training course. Skydive in a harness made for two - you and your professional skydiving instructor (and new best friend).

Option Cost

15,000' Tandem Skydive - This is Australias Highest Skydive - regularly $650, now on SALE

Book and pay in full online and save another $10 per booking


15,000' Tandem w/ DVD & Photos

Book and pay in full online and save another $10 per booking


9,000' Tandem Skydive - regularly $440 - now on SALE. SAVE $141

Book and pay in full online and save another $10 per booking


9,000' Tandem w/ DVD & Photos

Book and pay in full online and save another $10 per booking


Video Services

If you can afford to get the video of your skydive, be sure to get it. The number one regret we hear from our guests is they didn't get video or photos. It's a common regret because the experience is so much better than anyone anticipates and will be one of the top moments in your life. Having photos and video to share with family and friends and the world on social media makes the added price worthwhile. You won't regret it!

Option Cost

Handcam DVD & Digital Photos


Winter Specials

Winter Special - Lower Light jumps:

Tandem up to 15,000ft plus video and photos - $499*

Tandem up to 9,000ft plus video and photos - $399*

*Minimum two people. These are for our Lower Light jumps only. Weight surcharges may apply. No further discounts apply.

Option Cost

Video & Digital Photos


Group Special

Three friends jump together from 8,000ft for just $799*

if all three add the Video & photo package, get it for $90 each.


Accelerated Free Fall Prices

You can start your Solo course on a Monday and have it finished by the end of the week, including packing lessons and topped off with your "A" licence exam. If you cant afford the Mon to Fri off, just do it over a couple of weekends.

Our Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course is the training course that takes you from novice to a solo skydiver in just nine jumps! The course prepares candidates how to handle emergencies should they arise, correct technique with free fall body position and how to fly your parachute. If you desire to take to the skies, jump with your friends and have the time of your life - AFF is your starting point! #getintoskydiving

Option Price

AFF Stage 1 - (9 hours ground training followed by AFF Stage One)


AFF Stage 2 - (2 instructors)


AFF Stage 3 - (2 instructors)


AFF Stage 4 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 5 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 6 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 7 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 8 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 9 - Solo, graduation dive


AFF Stages 1-9 - Prepay for the course and SAVE

Pay as you go and pay $2920 or pay in full for just $2490, and save $430. AFF course payment is to be paid prior to the start of any training and it is Non Refundable once the course commences!


Jump Tickets

Are you a visiting skydiver of Adelaide Skydiving? If so, we welcome you! Below you'll find jump ticket pricing on one of our aircraft.

Option Cost







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