Sandy Nieuwenhoven Gray

AFF Instructor, State Mentor

Ratings: AFF Instructor

Jumps: 1200+

About Sandy Nieuwenhoven Gray

Sandy is a Medical Scientist but she is also a regular 4 way competitor and has won Gold and Silver medals at Australian competitions. She has over 10 hours in the Vertical wind tunnel and organises many of our fun days at the drop such as the "Banana Crests". She is the SA State Coach and State mentor for the Australian Big Ways for those hoping to travel to the USA for the next Australian Formation Skydiving record.

Ratings Held: Sandy is a regular skydiver with over 1200 jumps who has jumped out of just about everything available. She is also an Accelerated Freefall Instructor and is qualified to pack emergency parachutes. Sandy recently joined 100 girls for a RAAF C17 (that's a really BIG plane) jump to raise money for Legacy. Way to go Sandy!!

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