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Located a short 45 minutes drive from Adelaide, Adelaide Tandem Skydiving is South Australia's most experienced skydiving centre. Our world-class skydiving instructors are dedicated to ensure all of our guests have the best skydiving experience. Our specialty is first time skydivers wishing to make a tandem skydive and those wishing to become skydivers themselves.

Our skydiving centre has turned out some of Australia's best skydivers and drop zone operators located all over Australia. Many of our staff hold multiple National and World records for skydiving. So what are you waiting for? Join us over the skies of Lower Light - the closest skydiving centre to Adelaide, or at our beautiful winery regions in the Barossa or Clare Valley's, or come and jump with us over the Beach.

We are open at four locations. Our Lower Light, all in one drop zone, and also Tandem Skydiving in the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and super soft beach landings at Thompsons Beach.

*Lower Light location weekends. Not available with any other offer.

  • Tandem Skydive on the Beach

    Tandem Skydive on the Beach

    Why not do your Tandem Skydive with us over the beach? A different view with the ocean and across the Gulf to Ardrossan and back to the City of Adelaide with soft beach landings.

  • Learn to Skydive

    Learn to Skydive

    Have you watched skydiving and thought you'd love to do it, but thought it was beyond you? That's what many people think but that does not have to be your reality. Adelaide Skydiving offers a world class progressive training program that takes you from knowing nothing to becoming a solo skyidver in nine jumps. If you want to become a skydiver, it can be your reality.

    Why not take a week off work and you can complete your Solo course from Monday - Friday. Or we can do your ground training on one day during the week (normally Friday) and start your Solo course on Saturday.

  • Review us on Trip Advisor

    Review us on Trip Advisor

    Once you have completed your skydive with us, please take a few moments and click here to review us on Trip Advisor.

Best experience EVER!!!

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  • Sky Diving South Australia

    Sky Diving South Australia

    Take your quest for adventure to new heights with sky diving in South Australia. Adelaide Tandem Skydiving offers you an experience you'll want to repeat again and again.

    March 28, 2019
  • Feel the Thrill at Adelaide Tandem Skydiving

    Feel the Thrill at Adelaide Tandem Skydiving

    If you have wanted to skydive, but you've been too afraid to take the next step, then Adelaide Tandem Skydiving is here to help you experience the pure joy and adrenaline of jumping out of a plane, seeing the majesty of the Australian sky, and feeling completely comfortable with an experienced skydiver.

    March 28, 2019
  • Enjoy Scenic Beach Jumps with Adelaide Tandem Skydiving

    Enjoy Scenic Beach Jumps with Adelaide Tandem Skydiving

    You have never truly experienced the beach until you have had the opportunity to witness it from above. Our beach jumps provide you with an incredible rush of excitement and a unique vantage point to this beautiful scenery.

    March 28, 2019
  • Book a Skydive

    Book a Skydive

    Book a skydive and experience the thrill of falling to Earth with the safety of a parachute. Adelaide Tandem Skydiving is the perfect way to energise your mind and view Australia from the air while plummeting (safely) towards the ground.

    March 28, 2019

Recent News

March 28, 2019
Two More Gold Medals and a Bronze for our local teams at the 2019 Australian Skydiving Championships

Gold medals for Lower Light Line Dancers (LLLD) and Line Burns and Bronze for Bruise Bros at the 2019 Australian Skydiving Championships

October 31, 2018
Our competition Team gets 4th place at the World Parachuting Championships

Lower Light Team "Lower Light Line Dancers - LLLD" gets 4th place at the recent World Parachuting Championships

March 19, 2018
Gold Medals for our teams at the 2018 National Parachuting Championships

Gold Medals for our teams at the 2018 National Parachuting Championships

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