Recapping a National Record!

Recapping a National Record!

Published: December 27, 2015

2015 will go down in Australian skydiving history as one of the most challenging and rewarding records ever achieved. With a strict training schedule, Aussies from all over the country converged on Perris, California at Skydive Perris with visions of besting the 112-way record set in 2010 at the same location.

From the onset, the record was plagued with a skydivers worst enemy - bad weather. For the first week, low clouds and rain in this typically, dry desert region of California kept the record attempts grounded. All participants had to work hard to keep their spirits up while sitting on the ground for days on end and missing out on crucial training jumps. These training jumps would be vital to the success of the event due to the varying degrees of experience for many participants. Furthermore, the coordination of flying 7 aircraft in a tight formation at 19,000 feet also takes honing.

Above: South Australia was well represented by (and one from Victoria) Sandy Nieuwenhoven, Allan Gray, Adam Pemble, Skye Lee Scheepens, Cullen Habel, and Mark Band.

After nearly a week of sitting on the ground and four days left to try and set a record, each attempt fell short for one varying reason or other.

Finally, at the end of the final and fourth day on the last jump, magic happened and the new Australian record was achieved!

It was a memorable year and there are discussions of attempting another record in 2018. Until then, we shall bask in the glory of what we accomplished in June of 2015.


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