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Dec 13

New Australian Record for three of our talented jumpers

Three of our regular jumpers were fortunate and talented enough to have been selected to be on a new skydiving record at Nagambie in Dec 2016.

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Nov 20

4 way weekend - Lower Light

Fantastic weekend of 4 way skydiving.

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Nov 9

Two World Records in two days

Two of our Instructors recently returned from the USA after completing two World Record jumps in as many days. Interviews to follow.

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Sep 7

"Little Heroes Foundation" SLOWDOWN Parachute display

Parachute display into Glenelg Footy Oval for the Little Heroes Foundation Charity football match

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Aug 10

State Parachuting Championships

Congratulations to our awesome jumpers for bringing home the medals at the recent State Parachuting Championships.

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Jun 5

Just another Saturday at the drop zone

What a fantastic day we have just had at the Drop Zone. AFF jumps, Tandems, Canopy Formations, Tracking, B Rels (congrats Rhys), and super safe landings. Click here to see a freaking awesome video by Matt.

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Apr 24

Night Jumps

Inaugural night jumps at Lower Light

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Mar 18

100's and 1000's weekend

Skydivers completing milestone jumps

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Mar 15

Sandy's 1000th skydive

Sandy completes her 1000th skydive by swooping down and joining hands with her daughter Tennille.

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Mar 1

Cookie monster's first Tandem Skydive

Matty Holmes first training jump as Tandem Master (careful, some swearing!!)

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Feb 8

Erin and Harry the puppet skydive

Erin and Harry the puppet go for a skydive

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Feb 4

Skydiving Instructor course antics

Watch how new skydiving instuctors are coping with a difficult skydiving student

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Feb 3

Danny Beger gets his Banana Crest

A fun event held at Adelaide Tandem Skydiving saw Danny Beger get his Banana Crest

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