South Australian State Skydiving Championships 2019

We did 41 loads from 3 different planes. Over 300 slots, only one minor malfunction and a scraped knee. Lots of skydivers competing for the first time and gaining medals to boot.

Some of the teams who were the winners of an hour of Wind Tunnel time sponsored by the APF were:

Blast = Soft Docks - Skye Kalms, Josh Haffer, Thomas Waterhouse, Caleb Lunt (Muth Camera)

A = Hullabalooza - Laura Watson, Stricko, Tomasso Watson, Angelique Rootman (Beau Gora Camera)

VFS = Flailing in the Breeze - Bria Smith, Shaun Henderson (Zev Freeman camera)

We will post the rest of the winners shortly.

Huge thanks to all involved in the pre organising and those who made it run so well over the weekend, including but not limited to: pilots, manifest, packers, coaches, refuellers, Eddie, social media gurus, camera flyers.

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