Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is ideal for those that wish to make a skydive without going through the necessary training to become a certified, solo skydiver. A tandem skydive pairs you with one of our professional skydiving instructors utilising a harness made for two. The parachute is much larger than your standard parachute and is built for the combined weight of two people. A tandem skydive is great if you wish to see what free fall is all about!

Tandem Pricing

Jump without the pressure of taking our 9 hour learn to skydive (AFF) training course. Skydive in a harness made for two - you and your professional skydiving instructor (and new best friend).

Option Cost

15,000' Tandem Skydive Lower Light - This is Australia's Highest Skydive - Regularly $650 - now on SALE. SAVE $251


15,000' Tandem Lower Light w/ DVD & Photos - Australia's Highest, with the lot! Regularly $799 - now on SALE. SAVE $251


9,000' Tandem Skydive Lower Light - Regularly $440 - now on SALE. SAVE $141


9,000' Tandem w/ DVD & Photos Lower Light - Regularly $589 - now on SALE. SAVE $141


High Flyer 15,000ft Tandem Skydive McLaren Vale - Australia's Highest Skydive - Regularly $849 - now on SALE. SAVE $210

Tandem Skydive from 15,000ft over spectacular McLaren Vale taking in Worlds Best views. Includes Video and photos plus a $50 cash voucher to spend where you land, in the renowned Leconfield Winery.


Video Services

If you can afford to get the video of your skydive, be sure to get it. The number one regret we hear from our guests is they didn't get video or photos. It's a common regret because the experience is so much better than anyone anticipates and will be one of the top moments in your life. Having photos and video to share with family and friends and the world on social media makes the added price worthwhile. You won't regret it!

Option Cost

Handcam DVD & Digital Photos


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