Learn to Skydive Solo

Learn to fly and land a parachute built for one!

At Adelaide Skydiving, we teach the world's most advanced freefall parachuting course (AFF - Accelerated Free Fall) which requires a measured progression through nine stages.

Our parachutes are state of the art and include steerable main and reserve parachutes with an automatic activation device. Adelaide Skydiving also provides students with one way radio helmets - an added safety feature.

With each stage of your parachuting course, you will progressively learn turns, forward and backwards movement, back loops and tracking, and also learn solo landings. Once you've enrolled, be sure to view the training videos on our links page to best prepare for your jumps!

Course Breakdown

Stage 1

Starts with about 8 hours of theory, ground training, and a written exam. You then do a solo freefall skydive from 10,000ft with two instructors from 10,000ft concentrating on height awareness and canopy control.

Stage 2 to 3

The next two jumps in your course are solo freefall skydives from 10,000ft with two instructors holding on, learning turns, forward movement and maintaining a heading. Each freefall is approximately 35 seconds duration with a five minute parachute ride. Once your parachute opens, you will be required to steer and land your parachute on your own, but with guidance from an instructor on the ground.

Stage 4 to 8

These next five jumps are also solo freefall skydives, but with one instructor. Each jump is approximately 40 seconds freefall duration with a 4-5 minute parachute ride. At some stage during these jumps, we will normally require you to demonstrate the ability to steer and land your parachute unassisted.

Stage 9

The final jump is from 4,500ft. It is a solo jump and places emphasis on sub terminal control and deployment.

**All jumps conducted at the discretion of the Drop Zone Safety Officer. Adverse weather may restrict jumping.

Accelerated Free Fall Prices

You can start your Solo course on a Monday and have it finished by the end of the week, including packing lessons and topped off with your "A" licence exam. If you can't afford the Mon to Fri off, just do it over a couple of weekends.

Our Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course is the training course that takes you from novice to a solo skydiver in just nine jumps! The course prepares candidates how to handle emergencies should they arise, correct technique with free fall body position and how to fly your parachute. If you desire to take to the skies, jump with your friends and have the time of your life - AFF is your starting point! #getintoskydiving

Option Price

AFF Stage 1 - (9 hours ground training followed by AFF Stage One)


AFF Stage 2 - (2 instructors)


AFF Stage 3 - (2 instructors)


AFF Stage 4 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 5 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 6 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 7 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 8 - (1 instructor)


AFF Stage 9 - Solo, graduation dive


AFF Stages 1-9 - Prepay for the course and SAVE

Pay as you go and pay $3260 or pay in full for just $3090, and save $170. AFF course payment is to be paid prior to the start of any training and it is Non Refundable once the course commences!


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